J.F. Musial
President & CEO

Christian Schnedler
Vice President & COO

Tom Morningstar
Lead Videographer

William Barber
Lead Editor

Our Story

Throughout time stories have served as the primary medium of communicating knowledge; the method of passing information from friend to friend, wisdom from teacher to pupil, goods from supplier to consumer. With the dawn of the information age came the unprecedented opportunity to connect interested parties, yet communication quickly became information overload. Connecting to a central theme; being drawn into the plot of a story is an increasingly rare experience.

This is what we do best.

Our story began with a group of friends with a passion of learning from the past to improve the future. Identifying a lack of storytellers in the online media space, we drew from our own experiences to fill the void and reconnect consumers with the information available on the Web. Leveraging our unique backgrounds in both business and technology, we ventured forth to serve the captains of industry in their effort to connect online audiences with the truth behind their brands.